GP Viewer

Continental Laboratories Ltd. and CL Consultants Limited

Presents GP Viewer and GP Horizontal Viewer for their Clients Convenience

GP VIEWER -Click Here to Download the Viewer (4.7 Meg)

GP Horizontal Viewer - Click Here to Download the Viewer (5.6 Meg)

GP Viewer and GP Horizontal Viewer are free download utilities designed by CL Consultants which allows clients to receive strip log(s) created by GP Windows software and to view and print the strip log(s). The Viewers present the strip log(s) true to scale exactly as it was created.

The viewers require only a Windows environment (95, 98, ME) to run and the use of any Windows compatible printer. The software also works on Windows NT 4.0 and Win 2000Prof with a slight work-around. Click here to view work-around

The downloaded file is in zip format and needs to be extracted using any of the popular zip programs. The unzipped file is in .msi format, clicking on this file will start the installation process.

Windows NT 4.0 and Win 2000Prof work-around
1) Before restoring the file, delete the project directory (well directory) if it already exists.
2) Select restore, select the zip file to restore and wait for the pkzip screen to disappear.
3) You may get a message Please open or create a new well, IGNORE THIS
4) Proceed to open the wellfile using the menu FILE OPEN
Note: The FILE OPEN procedure must be followed even if a well is displayed after the PKzip screen is finsihed
This work-around is required due to a security feature of the multiuser enviroment.



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