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GP for Windows: Wellsite Geology Software

CL Consultants has released its second version of our renowned GP strip log package. The new software has been completely rewritten to operate under the Windows or NT systems including Windows 98 and ME.

GP Windows has a number of features built in which gives the program wide versatility:

  • Full colour/standard Canstrat symbols.
  • Very easy to learn and operate.
  • Professional Output clearly superior.
  • Client logo's easily input to customize each log as per client.
  • Can utilize up to 8 curves of information.
  • Can import all curve data in ASCII or LAS format.
  • Can shift data on log (curves) up or down to correct data.
  • Plot in 0.5m increments for lithology and as low as 0.1m for data.
  • Can use either meters or feet.
  • Core log built in and can be printed with regular strip log; no separate log required.
  • Export data in LAS, PPDM or Geolog ASCII. Geolog ASCII is CL own export feature and allows users to export all data on the strip log including lithology and all text. This export conforms to most current available mapping packages.
  • Imbed any digital photo to the strip log at your leisure.
  • GP Windows comes with its own photo version built in that allows the user to view any embedded photos with zoom capabilities and color correction.
  • Full expansion of all sample descriptions from short hand.
  • Complete expandable dictionary built in.
  • Slide/rotate feature built in to the depth column.
  • Low porosity scale available for carbonates 3, 6, 9, 12, > 12%.
  • Ability to add rock, accessories or fossil symbols to customize log to user or special circumstances.
  • Scales are not preset on log and can be anything you choose as often as you choose.
  • All text box are movable by the mouse and text boxes in track 1 (ROP/Gas) side are right and left justifiable.
  • Wide and narrow log presentation.
  • Print menu allows a variety of scale output eg. 1:240, 1:480, 1:640, 1:1200, etc. plus the ability to change company or client logo's and print core log with strip log. Also continuous and single sheet print available.
  • Works with all Windows compatible printers.
  • Easy backup to a file for complete data backup or backup to viewer file for use with free viewer software.
  • Viewer program allows client or user to accept viewer file to see and print these files. No data manipulation possible.
  • Viewer program allows user to give client access to strip log on a 24/7 basis via e-mail or internet.
  • Full manual in Adobe format comes in the program.


  • Any Windows/95 or better based computer.
  • Should have a minimum 233 speed.
  • 2 gigs of hard drive space.
  • Modem if transmission of data required.


  • Will export data (sample descriptions) in ASCII for import to any standard word processor.


  • Full training on our program comes with purchase as well as a written manual


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